August 14, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Virtual - Zoom Meeting
Anna Swaim

How often have you have heard residential appraisers don’t need the cost approach to obtain credible assignment results? Participants in the secondary market often suggest this, and it’s even highlighted in the Fannie Mae Selling Guide that the cost approach is only required for the valuing manufactured homes.

Unfortunately, not understanding the cost approach limits your ability to properly support adjustments in the sales comparison approach, understand trends in market conditions that are often driven by building costs, and recognize and quantify the forms of depreciation that can affect residential improvements.

By better understanding the 8 important steps in the cost approach, you can rely on its indications whether you have little data, confusing data, or lots of data. Presentations and case studies will help you better understand the key connection between proficiency with the cost approach and your ability to support your adjustments in the sales comparison approach. This much needed seminar will show you that the cost approach truly is relevant!

Instructor: Cheryl A. Kunzler, SRA, AI-RRS

All students are required to bring a print copy of the seminar materials to class. The electronic files are large and can take a considerable amount of time to download.